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Engaging on Instagram

Over the last year or so Instagram has become the fastest growing Social Media Channel. At over 300 million accounts it is now larger than Twitter. Its potential as a channel to improve customer as well as employee engagement is being realised by a number of leading brands .

How a product looks and its image can be the deciding factor in leading to a purchase. Brand is very closely connected to image. Instagram is all about image.

Instagram allows people to capture and share their visual experiences and images. From the outset Instagram was designed for mobility, where users take photos with their smart phones, edit them and share with their networks on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foresquare.

Recent research from Iconosquare highlights how the majority of Instagram users, use it to shop. Where as Facebook’s users are mainly interested in connecting with family and friends, Instagram users are more likely to share a picture of a product with their friends, like or comment on it, which reveals personal buying preferences and intentions.

This makes it a very desirable channel for marketers to invest their time and energy into. It’s currently the fastest growing social channel and it’s not as saturated with marketing and advertising content as the other channels. But that’s unlikely to remain so for long. In fact 2015 is seen as the year for Instagram to become the marketer’s social media channel of choice.

70% of the 16,000 users surveyed in the Iconosquare study said that they have looked for a brand on Instagram. While brands use contests and giveaway campaigns to attract followers on social media, 62% of Instagram will follow the brand simply because they connect with it.

Most of them are young. 44% of Instagram users are 18-29.

Images that you share on Instagram are a good way to communicate the vision and values of your brand. You can create a branded gallery of images that tell the story about the brand and the relationship it has with its community of supporters.

As the platform continues to grow rapidly additional functions and services are being added. In 2014 Instagram Direct was released where images can be sent to a particular connection and there’s an inbox to receive incoming messages.

It can provide the ability to deliver visual information to assist customers in using or fixing a problem or answering an enquiry. Helpdesk or support issues raised may be more readily resolved by the customer sending an image via their smartphone.


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