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Developing effective team leaders

By Martin Conboy

How important are the Team Leaders and supervisors within your organisation? For BPO providers they are vital. It does not always follow that an agent who was successful at their job isn’t necessarily going to cut it as a team leader.

Team Leader. It is a challenging role, balancing the needs of the people against the needs of the business. Team Leaders can be called upon to be coach, mentor, motivator, boss, friend, schedular, analyst and reporter to name a few. There are indeed a wide variety of skills needed to shine in a Team Leader role but often it is a role with little training and even less recognition.


How do we recruit Team Leaders? There are definite advantages to promoting Team Leaders from within an existing team. Former agents understand the business, customers and culture of the organisation.

Promoting a member from the current team can be an ideal way to fill the position- if it’s the right person. They need to have been a natural leader in the team, someone the team appreciated and looked to for help.

So what qualities should a team leader have?

  • Passion for service delivery, proactive, positive Can Do attitude, a people person and strength of character – will stand up for what they believe
  • A Team Leader has to display the behaviours you want your team to give to the customers.
  • Cultural fit, ‘classic’ team leader experience with metric measures, emotional intelligence, flexible, critical thinker

However, even selecting the right agent for the job doesn’t inevitably guarantee success. Even those agents who possess all the necessary skills for a Team Leader position can nosedive without further support. Many Team Leaders need guidance and support just making the transition into their new role, as they will likely flounder without it. It is a real challenge to supervise people who used to be peers, but for any new Team Leader gaining the respect of their team can take time.  For some the new authority can be a bit rich for the blood as the power goes to their head.

Read full article visit http://www.theoutsourcing-guide.com/article/developing-effective-team-leaders/


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