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Video Recruitment is here to Stay

New Way of Recruiting is here to Stay

By Martin Conboy – FooBooOnLine.com

I read an article about a CEO from a recruitment group called Manpower in Australia and she was quoting from their own research that candidates ‘overwhelming prefer in-person and telephone interviews to video interviewing.” Recruitment firms are specialist outsourced service providers

Let not the facts get in the way of a good story. The facts are there for all to see, so if mobile video is fast becoming a mass-market consumer phenomenon does it not follow that corporates will be part of the same trend. After all people who work for corporates are not operating in a different universe, they see what everybody else sees.

Leading Canadian Video Recruitment Software Company Vidcruiter.com CEO Sean Fahey states, “It is obvious that people prefer an ‘in person’ interview rather than video conferences. Naturally everyone wants a chance to meet in person but the reality is when we are talking about short lists of 5 -20 applicants. Having them all come in person is a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Ask a finalist applicant if they honestly want to spend an hour in traffic, both ways, or even worse 3 hours on a plane, when they have ten other people competing. Most will say no! I would prefer to only displace myself if I know I am a genuine finalist with a real chance to secure the role, not just making up the beauty parade. Naturally video will never replace meeting people in person but it will get the right people in the room a lot faster and cheaper. “

The qualitative and quantitative data to support this trend is overwhelming, every person on public transport is watching video on their mobile device and the statistics show that over 50% of mobile data traffic will come from video in 2019.  Cisco predicts that this will come even quicker and that by 2017, two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video.

No matter what the format of the content it needs to be engaging, relevant and tailored to the context of the environment. In 2014 and beyond this trend will continue as more organisations adopt video as a form of communication.

But meaningful change is beginning to happen. The digital revolution is enabling new models of collaboration that lead to better innovation and higher performance. A new generation of young workers, the Millennials, is entering the workforce and bringing a new culture. And the new business environment demands something better. This requires a rethinking of talent management.

New research reveals employers no longer see a traditional CV as an effective way of assessing potential candidates.

UK Recruitment specialist Hello My Name Is… (HMNI) questioned hundreds of UK business leaders to ascertain what makes one CV more engaging than another and discovered that candidates uploading a video accompaniment alongside their CV have the edge. “While technology for video applications has been in place for some time, only now are candidates taking full advantage of this option, which in turn has given recruiters a real appetite for innovative applications,” said Jonathan Flint, joint managing director of HMNI with partner James Hyde. “As such we predict a video accompaniment will be an essential part of applying for a job in 2014.”

Read the full story visit. theOutsourcing-guide.com


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