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Allow me some choice!

By Jon Pratlett

choicePrevious Neuro-Insights introduced you to a very powerful and practical motivational model CARER and the first letter of it – Certainty. The significant influence these 5 drives exert on people’s mindset and behaviour must not be underestimated.

Now to the second letter in the CARER model “A” for Autonomy. A degree of autonomy and control over one’s work, generates a reward state for the brain. Too much or too little autonomy creates a threat state.

‘Here’s three options, which would you prefer?’ will tend to elicit a better response than ‘Here’s what you should do!’

If you are in a leadership role, do you tend to “DICTATE” (too much control relative to your team members motivation, knowledge & skill), “ABDICATE” (Too little control/support), or do you get it “just right!” and “EMPOWER” (along the diagonal line in the picture)?

When you empower someone, you provide autonomy appropriate to the person’s knowledge, skill and motiviation, relative to the task at hand.

When assigning a task to someone, your clarity in terms of end result (purpose), time frame, budget, resources available and policy provide certainty and establish the boundaries within which the assignee is authorised to exercise their creativity and autonomy in:

  • how to complete an assigned task.
  • when to schedule it in.
  • which of the available resources are most suitable to utilise.

Jon Pratlett - image

Jon Pratlett is a neuroleadership expert, speaker, facilitator, high performance consultant and coach. His clients include many of Austalia’s leading companies, as well as the Australian Olympic Committee. He has represented Australia in 2000 and 2001 at the World Ironman Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii and has lead the Bondi Running & Triathlon Club to 3 State Club titles. He is Sydney based and travels the globe.

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